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" I had a Beckham moment of madness once on the pitch," laughs footie-mad
Katie Chapman. "I'd been givven a yellow card and this girl was winding me up
about it, so I had a go at her and got sent off" The occasional grumpy temper is
not the only thing she's got in common
with David Beckham. The 19-year-old
from Kent is a defender for Englands womens football team and is due to play
in tnhe womens world cup in China. Katie took the time out from training to tell

how did you get to play for England?

I started out playing for my primary school. Eventually I was spotted by the
Millwall ladies team, the the England under 18's, where i was captain for a
season.I've been a proffesional footballer for the last two seasons now.

How do the lads react to your job?

They think if I've been picked to represent my country I must be ok.

Ever met any of your heroes?

I've met David Beckham and he's lovely. he always asks me what matches
we've got coming up. he really is gorgeous too!

Are you earning the Kind of money premiership players get?

We don't make as much as the blokes...yet. Before I became professional, it
cost me £5 a week. Now at least I get Paid!

Katie by numbers

0 Chinese takeaways allowed in her diet

1 Day off a week

2 hours training a day (double that on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

9 Goals scored in 16 matches for England under-18s

15 years old when she first appeared in the FA cup final

17 when she captained England under-18's

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